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How I Work Out as a New Mommy

Posted on Nov 17, 2017 by in Fitness, Pregnancy & Nursing | 0 comments

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was determined to keep running everyday all the way to my delivery date and then take off a couple weeks before getting back to it! Well that may work for some moms but I quickly discovered that I would have to adjust my expectations for myself. I ended up getting horrendously sick for 2.5 months of my pregnancy. It felt like a marathon just to walk from my bedroom to the bathroom and back. So I gave up running for a time. And though I was able to get back into it a little bit during my second and third trimester, it was nowhere near as strenuous or frequent as it had been pre-pregnancy. Walking became my new routine. But as a girl who enjoys sweating regularly, just walking wasn’t feeding my soul the same way that a good run can. After the birth of my son, I certainly took time to recover and rest. Then I eased into a bit of walking. Once I was ready for more intensity in my exercise, I found that my son was not on board. He hated the stroller and refused to be put down for any amount of time. That’s when my husband and I decided to get into hiking. The steep hills and rocks and roots challenged me enough to get my heart rate up. My son was happy because he was safely snuggled up to mommy or daddy in his Baby Onya Carrier. The peace and freedom in getting outside and being in nature is so nourishing. I’m grateful I found a way to get sweaty, keep my son content and spend time as a family!

If you’re interested in hiking with your baby I highly suggest a soft structured carrier like the Baby Onya. It’s easy to clean, made of recycled materials and adjusts to fit comfortably on my petite frame and on my husband who’s 6′ tall.

Another handy tool for hiking is the AllTrails App. It will help you locate trails near you wherever you are and even record your progress as you hike so you won’t get lost!

Being a new mother is full of joy and full of adjustments. I’m grateful for the opportunity to find a new love of hiking with my son while I look forward to the day that he happily gets into the stroller and yells “Faster, Mommy!”, as I push him along my running loop.


I share things I love with all of you.  If you happen to buy, you support my sweet little family.



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