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6 Ways To Work Out With A Newborn

Posted on Nov 18, 2017 by in Baby, Fitness, Pregnancy & Nursing | 0 comments

IMG_1297There are so many ways to get a workout in when you have a new baby and you aren’t yet leaving them in someone else’s care. Here’s a few ideas on how you can workout with your baby in the first weeks and months postpartum.

1. Take a walk

I liked to get outside for some fresh air when my baby was only a few weeks old. We didn’t have much energy or time between feedings, so walking around the block felt like plenty of exercise at first! Walking is also a great way to spend time with people who want to visit you and your new baby, just let them hold the dog’s leash for you!

2. Hiking

Exercising and spending time with my family are both high up on my priority list. I found that when life got busy, it was easy to let exercise fall lower down the list because I couldn’t sacrifice any time spent with my newborn son and my hard working husband. So I was desperate to find a way to get a workout in while being present with my family. That’s when we found hiking! I know, it’s not new! But we hadn’t gotten in to hiking yet and luckily we live in an area with tons and tons of trails! So we strapped my son to one of us in the Baby Onya carrier and set out for some steep mountain trails, fresh air and good conversation. Our new hobby checked all the boxes when it came to getting sweaty, being outside and spending time as a family, so I have become very passionate about hiking! For more on the subject, check out my recent post: How I workout as a new Mom

3. Postpartum yoga

This is one of the perks of being a new mom. There is a very short window in life where you have a new baby and get to attend postpartum yoga classes so I’m still getting to class as often as I can with my 5 month old son! Two things I love about these classes are the opportunity to connect with other moms who recently had their babies, and a workout tailored to strengthen the areas that need toning and loosen the areas in our bodies that are holding excess tension. I highly recommend checking out your local gyms and yoga studios to see what sort of classes are offered for pregnant and postpartum mamas!

4. Swimming

If you live near an indoor heated pool, this might be a great way for you to exercise with your baby. Be careful about how high the chemical content is in the water and also make sure that the temperature feels quite warm because babies need it nice and toasty to maintain body heat. I would have brought my baby to a pool, but where I live there are no indoor pools and I didn’t want to expose his new skin to a lot of time in the sun.

5. Workout videos

There are a million free workout videos on YouTube or you can pop in a cheap workout DVD from goodwill! Grab your baby and use him/her as added resistance during your squats and lunges. Baby will enjoy having your attention and watching you make a fool of yourself! 😉

6. Dance in your living room

One of the sweetest memories I’ll always cherish is dancing with my son to help calm his crying. There were moments when I was so exhausted and he was melting down and I just had to turn up his favorite song: “Heartbeat” by Mat Kearney, and dance around the living room until he fell asleep. Now that he’s a bit older and less prone to constant crying, I still enjoy picking him up and dancing around while introducing him to ridiculous 90’s pop music or classic 70’s Rock!

Ultimately there are a lot of ways to get in some calorie burning time and include your baby in the activity. Getting out of the house to the gym or around the block for a run is always a great thing to do by yourself when you have someone to care for your baby, but how often will you get your workout in if you always have to have someone else there to enable you to get it done? For me, I knew I needed to find ways to move daily whether I had someone else’s help or not. Hopefully these ideas will motivate you to get up and get healthy postpartum while enjoying every precious moment you have with your little one!

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