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Minimalist Mommy Diaper Rash Products

Posted on Nov 18, 2017 by in Baby, Minimalism, Pregnancy & Nursing, Vegan Lifestyle | 0 comments

When I first became a mom I felt a bit overwhelmed by the variety of supplies, creams and gear on the market for babies. I had no idea what I needed and whether or not I’d like the product once I tried it. I knew for sure that I didn’t want to wind up with a baby fussing over a preventable diaper rash. So I went into research mode to find an affordable, vegan and natural alternative to conventional baby powder and diaper rash creams.

Believe it or not, in the end I found that good old fashioned coconut oil and arrowroot powder are the best products to use daily on my baby’s sensitive skin. Here’s what I do with them:
Coconut Oil gets applied all over baby’s body immediately after every bath. He gets washed with plain old water or occasionally this Honest Shampoo and Body Wash. The coconut oil seals in moisture and helps prevent dry skin and irritation.

Organic Arrowroot Powder is what we use at every diaper change. We use a Shaker to sprinkle it all over his clean bum:

Since using these two natural, single ingredient products I’ve had no issues with diaper rashes!

Every baby is different! I don’t claim to have a cure all solution here. But if you’re looking for affordable and natural alternatives to diaper rash cream and baby powder, maybe these will work for you too!

I share things I love with all of you.  If you happen to buy, you support my sweet little family.

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