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Minimalist Baby Registry

Posted on Nov 20, 2017 by in Baby, Minimalism, Pregnancy & Nursing | 0 comments

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when setting out to create a baby registry. Especially when you’ve never had a baby before and have no concept of what you’ll actually end up needing!

Personally, I didn’t want to register for too many things and end up with a house full of stuff that we never used.

The best way to register is to stick to the basics and make sure you love everything that you have on the list! You want a list that helps friends and family in purchasing the things you want and need most, rather than just that filler item you threw on the list to get the completion discount!

I felt best about registering only for things we’d need right away and then waiting for things we’d need in the future to be purchased during upcoming holidays or birthdays.

We opted out of getting furniture like a crib and changing table because we knew our baby would be using the co-sleeper for a while and we didn’t know exactly what we’d need and want in a crib once we were ready to transition him to his own room. We also felt like a changing table would take up too much space so instead we change diapers on the floor or on a pad on our bathroom counter.

Here’s an example of the perfect minimalist baby registry including items that I absolutely love and use regularly for my baby:

I share things I love with all of you.  If you happen to buy, you support my sweet little family.

Chicco Next2Me Co-Sleeper

I loved the idea of having our baby sleep by our bed for the first several months because I was planning to breastfeed and I felt more comfortable knowing my newborn was safely sleeping right bedside me. There were a hand full of options that I didn’t like because of how fast a baby would outgrow them. This co-sleeper was a great fit for us and it still fits my 5 month old just fine. I like that it doubles as a co-sleeper or a stand alone crib.

Baby K’tan Active Baby Carrier

I love this wrap because it’s easy to put on when we’re on the go. I keep it in my diaper bag so I’m always ready. The material on this wrap is breathable and less stretchy than the cotton version so it doesn’t sag.

BOB 2016 Revolution PRO Jogging Stroller

I am in love with this stroller. The hand break is a must for running with Baby and the way it quickly folds makes it so easy to store or transport. It also fits really well with our car seat using this adapter.

Chicco Keyfit Infant Car Seat and Base

I love that this car seat is lightweight, easy to adjust and fits nicely in our stroller.

Portable Baby Swing

Having a swing was the only way I was able to put my baby down for the first two months. It saved me many times by giving me a chance to prepare a quick meal or wash a dish.

Flannel Receiving Blankets

Flannel blankets are the most effective at keeping Baby warm when they’re brand new and need help maintaining body heat.

Diapers & Wipes

There are a million different ways you can go with diapers. Register for the kind that you feel best about using and only get size 1 so that if you decide to switch brands or diaper types you aren’t stuck with a lifetime supply of unused toddler diapers!

HALO SleepSack Swaddle

Some babies can’t sleep without being swaddled. Others don’t like it. Either way it’s so important to keep baby warm at night. I prefer this sleep sack because it makes swaddling Baby way easier than using a blanket and if baby wants one or both arms free, it’s simple to just swaddle their bottom half and leave their arms out.

Baby Clothes

You’ll likely end up receiving way more baby clothes than you could ever go through. I suggest registering for a couple onesies in a style that you love to provide an example to people of what style of clothing you hope to receive. You really only need 2 hats, a half dozen pairs of socks, some long sleeve and short sleeve onesies and a few soft pants.

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow

If you’re planning to breastfeed, this is the best nursing pillow out there. It gives plenty of support and saves your arms, neck and back from unnecessary pain when constantly feeding in the same position around the clock.

You’ll end up receiving all kinds of lovely things when you have a baby. If you’re tight on living space or just prefer to live minimally, registering for only the essentials is a great way to go. I hope this helps give you ideas on how to create your own minimalist baby registry!

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