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3 Easy, Quick and Healthy, Oil Free-Vegan Breakfast Recipes for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Posted on Nov 21, 2017 by in Pregnancy & Nursing, Vegan Lifestyle | 2 comments

It’s so important to start the day off with sufficient calories and nutrient dense meals when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding! Everything that we mamas put in our mouths eventually turns into fuel for our growing babies! Having both quantity and quality in calories will sustain a healthy milk supply or pregnancy and keep you feeling strong for the epic task of taking care of a little one!

Here are 3 of my favorite vegan meals to eat in the morning to boost energy and milk supply:

Oatmeal with fruit

I like to add kale and spinach to my oatmeal without sacrificing any of the flavor. The way that I do that is wet chopping frozen greens in a blender and then draining the excess water and cooking them in my oatmeal. I am someone who enjoys getting in and out of the kitchen quickly, so I microwave my oatmeal. You can also add greens in to the pot if you’re cooking your oats on the stove top. Having plenty of greens in your diet during pregnancy is helpful for keeping your vitamin and mineral levels high to avoid having any nutrient deficiencies.

I also like to have fruit on top of my oatmeal. I either cook the oats with frozen berries to create a sort of cobbler taste, or I slice up a fresh piece of fruit like a banana, apple, pear or nectarine to throw on top of the bowl after the oatmeal is cooked.

To sweeten the deal I’ll either add some maple syrup, date syrup or chop a large medjool date into little pieces and stir it in.

Oats are a fantastic milk booster if you’re working on establishing your milk supply and they keep you fuller longer which is great when you barely have time for feeding yourself with all the time spent nursing your little one!


I love creating healthy smoothie recipes because they take hardly any time to blend up and they’re easy to drink while breastfeeding! I find myself getting starving when I sit down to nurse my baby so having a meal ready to go right before we get settled is ideal! They’re also ideal for pregnancy when you feel like there’s no space left in your stomach due to a rapidly growing baby, but you need to get in those nutrient rich foods. Smoothies can contain anything you might be lacking in your diet such as greens, chia seeds, fruits and other veggies. I find it so easy to make sweet and delicious smoothies that are actually packed full of healthy foods! For recipe ideas check out my recent blog on 17 Delicious Vegan Smoothie Recipes.

Tempeh Bacon sandwich

Usually I have a sweet tooth in the morning. However, I found with my recent pregnancy that I craved salty foods more frequently. In order to eat something that sounded appealing and to get in plenty of nutrients, I came up with this easy breakfast sandwich.


3 slices tempeh bacon

3 oz slice extra firm tofu

1/2 an avocado

Fresh Spinach

Ezekiel bread English muffin


First I microwave the tempeh and the extra firm tofu for about 3 minutes. Keep an eye on it as all microwaves cook at different speeds. While that is happening I toast the English muffin and then spread mustard and smashed avocado on both halves. Then I layer all the ingredients on the sandwich (tempeh bacon, tofu, spinach) and if I’m feeling extra cheeky I might squirt some ketchup on the plate for dipping.

Trust me, this sandwich is delicious and it will make you never want to go back to the old fast food versions loaded with animal fats and cholesterol ever again!

I hope you try out these 3 oil free-vegan recipe ideas and if you do, let me know which was your favorite!


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