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Alternatives to Watching TV Every Night

Posted on Nov 21, 2017 by in Minimalism | 0 comments

It’s easy to be too busy and exhausted to do anything but come home from work and plop down in front of the TV for the night. Sometimes that may be just what you need. And it can be a fun way to spend time with family. In my teen years, my siblings and I would gather with our significant others and spend Monday evenings watching 24 with popcorn and ice cream and some hilarious conversations during every commercial break. Those were fun nights of spending time as a family even though we were watching TV. However, the majority of the time I spend watching TV is nowhere near as social or as memorable. It can quickly become a default activity that steals our time and energy from us; robbing us of the freedom to create and to interact with the world around us.

So with a determination to be more intentional about my free time I came up with a long list of alternatives to watching TV! Here it is:

Listen to an audiobook

Take a hike

Go for a bike ride

Walk around the neighborhood

Take your dog to the dog park

Make a DIY craft

Start a collection

Read a book

Go to a concert

Take a bath

Go to a pool

Write in a journal

Call a friend from out of town

Bake cookies

Cook a gourmet meal

Go to a coffee shop

Go to the gym

Take a yoga class

Learn how to play an instrument

Go to a local paint night

Write a blog

Go to the library

Clean out a junk drawer

Sell something you no longer use on Craigslist

Have a game night with friends

Write a letter to someone and mail it

Plant and maintain a garden

Take silly photos

Play a sport with friends or on a local rec. league

Teach someone how to do something you’re good at (knitting, fixing a bike, etc.)

Learn a foreign language

Plan a vacation

Research something you find interesting like dinosaurs or the space station!

There are times when TV or Netflix can be a fun way to spend time. Here’s a list of ways to make it more intentional and productive:

Watch your favorite show on the TV at the gym while using the treadmill or elliptical.


Invite your friends and family over for a TV show get together every week. Watching The Voice could be so much more fun if you always make it a party!

I hope this inspires you to put down the remote and rest your mind and body in a new way! Time is precious and we don’t want to regret the ways we’ve spent our life! Leave a comment with more ideas on what you like to do with your free time besides watching TV!

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