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DIY Painted Feather Necklaces

Posted on Nov 21, 2017 by in DIY | 0 comments

Feathers are great for decorating your home, creating costumes for kids’ pretend play and making custom jewelry.

Recently I picked up a few supplies to create my own whimsical and unique painted feather necklaces. Here’s what I used and how I made them:

First I found some artificial feathers that are about 3 inches long. I wanted something big enough to be a statement but not enormous because I wanted it to work as a necklace.

Then I got some colorful necklace chains to complement the paint colors I planned on using.

I also gathered some supplies from home:

⁃ water color paint

⁃ Acrylic paint

⁃ Jewelry wire

After collecting all my supplies I started by painting every feather with a variety of colors using water color paint. I went over the feathers with two coats to make the colors more vibrant.

Then I applied some tribal looking design details with acrylic paint in opaque black and white.

Once the paint dried I heated the end of my jewelry wire over a candle flame to poke a hole through the feather stem. I liked the way the wire design looked but I needed it to be secure enough to keep the feather from falling off of the necklace. Wrapping the wire around the feather stem was a matter of twisting and bending using a pair of jewelry pliers. I liked the handmade look and the freedom to create any shape I wanted. I made sure to leave a loop on the top for the necklace chain to slide through and then the project was done!

These feather necklaces make cute gifts, art projects, or even the perfect piece of jewelry for wearing to a summer festival.

Happy crafting!



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