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Minimalist Mommy Wardrobe

Posted on Nov 23, 2017 by in Baby, Minimalism, Pregnancy & Nursing | 2 comments

Before my son was born, I did my very best to avoid buying maternity clothing or nursing specific clothing that I would only be able to wear for that season of my life. I wanted to find pieces to fit my style that could carry me through years of being pregnant, having a little excess weight postpartum, breastfeeding and returning to my pre-pregnancy size more than once since I hope to have more kids in the future.

Although I’m not the type of minimalist that has a pure white apartment with one piece of furniture, a closet with 3 gray sweaters hanging beside one pair of pants and a single black camisole, I still enjoy keeping my wardrobe minimal and organized! I like looking into my closet and seeing only things that I love wearing because they’re comfortable, they fit me well and they’re stylish and cohesive so I can mix and match most things I own. I had this down pretty well before getting pregnant. After beginning to see my belly grow I realized that there were several things I would no longer be wearing for many months.

And after having my baby I realized how even further restricting breastfeeding was to my current closet situation. Everything I wore had to be comfortable, allow access for feedings without being too revealing, and fit in a way that allowed my waist to continue shrinking slowly over the next months. All of that plus I was trying to look remotely decent for my return to the real world as a part-time working mom. It was a challenge at first to figure out what was left of my clothing that I could actually wear!

I think I’ve done pretty well at minimizing my closet again even though I had to exchange some old favorites for new favorites. The things that I could not have lived without were my Lululemon yoga pants and a few loose fitting tunics! They are a good way to look presentable while remaining completely comfortable! The leggings stretched to fit perfectly throughout my entire pregnancy and continue to fit just as well ever since having my baby! They were one of 3 pieces that I purchased during pregnancy. The other two were a good stretchy zip up hoodie that I continue to wear and a pair of maternity jeans that lasted me through every trimester!

Here is a list of things that I love to wear as a nursing mother that I will be able to wear for many years to come:

Seamless Wireless Sports Bras

Lululemon Align Leggings


Loose Fitting Tees

Flowy Tanks

Button Down Shirts

Cardigan Sweaters

Stretchy Fold-Over Skirts

I hope that helps give you some ideas on how you can use what you already own during your pregnant and nursing years!

I share things I love with all of you.  If you happen to buy, you support my sweet little family


  1. I LOVE your blog!!! I can’t wait to read more. Thanks for sharing!!! 🙂 🙂

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