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15 Nursing Basket Essentials

Posted on Nov 24, 2017 by in Baby, Pregnancy & Nursing | 0 comments

All breastfeeding mothers need nursing baskets! A nursing basket is filled with all of the things that you’re going to need near by whenever you feed your baby, wherever you end up sitting. There are a surprising amount of things you end up wishing you had within arms reach after plopping down on the couch with your hungry baby. Baby may have been crying his head off, as if you didn’t just feed him 45 minutes ago, and in your haste to get situated to start nursing as soon as possible, you realize that you left your water bottle in the kitchen, your phone in the bedroom and your chapstick in the bathroom. Now you’re starving, thirsty, and stranded! That’s what is so great about having a nursing basket. All those things that you typically use are always with you, wherever you decide to feed baby.

Here’s what I keep in my nursing basket:

Full water bottle

Lip Balm




Portable cell phone charger

Wet wipes

Burp cloth

Breath mints

Hair ties

Nursing pads

And when my baby was brand new I also kept these things in the basket:





Besides a nursing basket, I highly recommend using the brest friend nursing pillow to help you get comfortable in those first couple months of feeding. Check out this post onĀ Boppy vs My Brest Friend.

Enjoy nursing your baby and take good care of yourself! It’s a joy, but it’s also hard work!

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