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Minimalist Mommy Diaper Bag

Posted on Nov 24, 2017 by in Baby, Minimalism, Pregnancy & Nursing | 0 comments

I share things I love with all of you.  If you happen to buy, you support my sweet little family.

I’ve seen the moms who carry around a heavy car seat plus a baby on one arm and a fifty pound diaper bad slung over the other shoulder. They sweat and curse as they struggle to find their car keys and drop their caramel macchiato in the process. It looks hard! So I decided I wasn’t doing that. And guess what… it’s still hard. Being a mom means learning to juggle physically and figuratively. Anything that I can simplify for myself and my baby is a plus. So I’ve decided to keep a very small and minimal back pack full of diaper bag essentials to prevent developing scoliosis and to keep my hands free for the number of other things I can juggle instead!

I used to try to keep up with my husband on his mountain bike. Forget that! So I have this cute and functional CamelBak left over from the hand full of rides I attempted. After ordering and returning a few different diaper back packs online, I realized that they are all gigantic and heavy to begin with before you fill them with everything you need. So I took out the water bladder in my CamelBak and started toting it around as my diaper bag. I think its saved me a lot of back pain and money too!

Here is what I keep in my minimalist diaper bag:

4-6 diapers


Waterproof Changing Pad

One backup outfit



Ziplock for dirty clothes or diapers

Mommy stuff: wallet, car keys, cell phone, water bottle and chapstick

Eventually we’ll get to the age where I need to keep snacks, juice and toys handy all the time. I still believe there are ways to pack light when that time comes and until then, I’ll enjoy the ease of getting around with only the basics!

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