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How to Get Greens in at Every Meal

Posted on Dec 14, 2017 by in Vegan Lifestyle | 0 comments

We all know there is a long list of reasons why we should be eating our vegetables. Simply put, it’s good for you! But how do we get in a large amount of greens without constantly eating salads?! I have managed to find ways to sneak spinach, kale, broccoli and carrots into just about anything I eat all day long. Going without veggies would just feel wrong!

Here are my tips on how to get greens in at every meal:

Wet chop frozen spinach

For breakfast I like to eat oatmeal most days. My trick to getting greens in during my first meal of the day is to wet chop frozen spinach in the Vitamix blender. I fill the blender with water and add the frozen spinach. Then I quickly pulse on a medium speed about three times. After pouring out the blender contents into a strainer I’m left with finely chopped greens. They are super easy to hide in just about any dish you make including an oatmeal breakfast!

Add shredded carrots to pasta

When you cook your pasta noodles add in a bag of shredded carrots. They will be cooked to a point where they are very soft and hardly noticeable when mixed in to the noddles served with a great marinara sauce!

Never order a sandwich without dark leafy greens

When you go out for lunch and order a sandwich, check to see what produce is available. If they have romaine, spinach and sprouts, say yes to all of them!

Drink green smoothies

Blend up your favorite fruit and throw in a piece of celery or a hand full of kale. It’s easy to disguise the flavor of greens when they’re blended into a cold, sweet smoothie!

Add lettuce to the top of everything

Think tostadas! When you have a plate of warm food of any kind, topping it with a little mountain of crisp lettuce or shredded cabbage can be really yummy and a great textural addition!

Plate your left overs on top of a bed of spinach

When we’re eating leftovers in my house, I like to sneak in some fresh spinach leaves underneath the rest of the food before microwaving. I also drizzle fresh lemon juice on top of the spinach to add flavor.

Green juice popsicles

Use a juicer to make your own, or pour your favorite store bought green juice into popsicle molds and freeze. You can also do this same thing with an ice cube tray and use your green juice ice cubes to chill other fruit juices or smoothies!

Keep frozen veggies on hand

I find that I’m much more likely to add vegetables to everything that I cook if I’ve got them right there ready to go. I don’t enjoy doing hours of food prep; washing, chopping, peeling and so on. So I give myself a break in that area and just focus on keeping organic frozen veggies in my home at all times so there’s never an excuse to leave them out of my meals!

Freeze your fresh produce

Before your Trader Joe’s bag of chopped Brussels sprouts goes bad, throw it in the freezer! I buy mostly fresh produce so that I always have something to work with, but I don’t always get to use it all before it expires. So I throw anything unused into the freezer for using later in a soup or vegetable rice type of dish.

Hopefully these easy tips encourage you to get more veggies in to every meal for you and your family!

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